If you’re looking to fine-tune your current coilover setup, look no further than 326POWER’s vast range of Charabane and Mazibane coilover springs.

Charabane springs are the type that you will find fitted as standard to 326POWER Chakuriki coilover kits and offer superior ride control when riding low in comparison to regular coilover springs.

The Mazibane range is manufactured by Swift, who are world-renowned for producing some of the finest suspension springs in the world. In comparison to the 326POWER Charabane range, Mazibane coilover springs offer additional levels of control thanks to their exceptional responsiveness, while their fatigue-resistant design ensures they are suitable for applications that place them under huge levels of stress.

Both the Charabane and Mazibane spring ranges are available in rates varying from 4kg/mm all the way up to 100kg/mm, allowing you to specify a spring rate that suits your current coilovers, the weight of your car, your wheel fitment and the type of driving that you’re doing. If your current wheel and tyre setup is hitting your arches or suspension components on compression, upgrading to springs with a heavier spring rate will help.

Check out the Charabane ID63, Charabane ID66 & ID70 and Mazibane (ID63/ID66) spring charts to see the range of springs that are available.

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326POWER Charabane Coilover Springs

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326POWER Mazibane Coilover Springs

0% finance is available on all 326POWER orders over £500 (UK customers only).326POWER Mazibane ..