326POWER Bancho Knuckles (S14/S15)

326POWER Bancho Knuckles (S14/S15)

No gimmicks, no marketing and no pseudoscientific claims: 326POWER Bancho Knuckles are used on thousands of Nissan S-bodies across Japan for a reason. Be they knocking out backwards entries at a grassroots amateur event, hitting clipping points at a D1GP competition or smashing third gear up a mountain pass in the early hours of the morning, aggressive Japanese drifters know that they can rely on the Bancho Knuckle to give them the perfect mix of steering response, speed and angle.

While some purpose-built suspension setups may offer maximum steering lock, this is usually at the expense of steering response and can often result in the steering feeling numb, especially around the centre point. While this might be suitable for a 600bhp+ competition car with super sticky tyres, it doesn't inspire confidence at a regular drift practice day and even less so when performing regular circuit and/or fast road driving.

If you want to enjoy drifting your S14/S15 with all of the benefits of a shortened OEM knuckle but without ruining its everyday drivability and steering feel, the 326POWER Bancho Knuckle is for you.

No need to send off your existing your knuckles to be exchanged: replacement knuckles are supplied when you order your Bancho Knuckles, ready to be fitted.

Suggested supporting modifications:
Relocated steering rack
Longer tie rods
Extended OEM front lower arms

When ordering, you can specify which type of knuckle you require (with or without spindle spacer, ABS sensor hole etc.). Please put your comments in the Additional Notes section when ordering.

Want to see the Bancho Knuckles in action? Click here.

Compatible Cars
Compatible Cars Nissan S14/S15
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