326POWER Cupman Air Lift System

326POWER Cupman Air Lift System

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Do you want the superior ride quality, track performance and adjustability that coilovers provide but need the versatility of an air suspension setup? The 326POWER Cupman Air Lift System is the answer to your problems.

Designed to be used with either 326POWER Chakuriki coilovers or coilovers from other popular brands, the Cupman system allows you to raise your coilover-equipped car by up to 50mm at the flick of the switch, meaning you can tackle speed bumps, driveways and ramps without fear. The system involves fitting air cups to your coilovers (either at the front or both the front and rear) that can be inflated on demand when they are required. Once you have navigated the obstacle(s) in your path, you can release the air pressure and continue to drive on your coilover suspension as if nothing had happened.

Manufactured by the highly respected Roberuta, the air cups themselves are the same as you would find on the company's kits for Ferraris, Lamborghinis and other supercars. As a result, you can be assured that they are suitably robust and reliable.

The Cupman kits include all of the components that you will need in order to use and manage the system. The Cupman M kits rely on mechanical air pressure management and can be controlled via a switch that can be located wherever you please. Flick it and your air cups will inflate to the required pressure to raise the car.

The Cupman D kits are supplied with a digital management system, which allows you to activate and manage the air supply wirelessly from the supplied key fob.

Cupman M kits are supplied with:
1x Air Compressor
1x Steel 1-Piece Air Tank
1x Pressure Sensor
1x Switch
Wiring & Hoses

Cupman D kits are supplied with:
1x Air Compressor
2x Aluminium 3-Piece Air Tanks
1x Pressure Sensor
1x Solenoid Valve
2x Remote Key Fobs
Wiring & Hoses

Please contact us before purchasing your Cupman kit to discuss your car and requirements for the system. For some coilover setups, you might need to replace your springs with shorter items if you wish to maintain the same static ride height as before.

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