Dometic Magnetic Awning Drive-Away Kit

Dometic Magnetic Awning Drive-Away Kit

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Dometic prioritise reliability, sustainability and functionality when it comes to manufacturing outdoor adventure products. 

Effortlessly connect your drive-away awning to your vehicle with a 6 mm magnetic drive-away kit. Available in a 3 m length.

  • Connect your portable awning to your vehicle using the 6mm Magnetic Portable Kit. Available 3 m long.
  • Attach your awning to your vehicle whilst still allowing you to easily drive away.
  • The magnetic strip attaches to the flat surface on the top of your vehicle, the figure-of-8 strip connects to the keder along one edge before attaching the awning beading along the other.
  • To drive away, simply slide the figure-of-8 out, or detach the magnetic strip from the vehicle.

Consists of:
1 x Keder strip
3 x Figure-of-8 extrusions

Product Dimensions:
3000mm (118.1") L x 15mm (0.6") W x 100mm (4") H

1.9 kg (4.2lbs)

Special notes:
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