Front Runner Drawer Kit (Rear Deck) for Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen

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Front Runner

Front Runner are a well respected manufacturer of off-roading accessories, prioritising quality, toughness and durability over anything else.

This carpeted 12mm laminated plywood rear deck set works in a Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen with one or both of the rear seats removed. Designed to create a lower platform behind the Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen 5-Door Drawer Kit - by Front Runner (SSDR003) to create more storage space across a level surface for water tanks, fridges, boxes, etc.

  • These 2 deck components can be used with one or both rear seats are removed.
  • Create a clean finished look and provide a level packing or mounting surface for fridges, slides, water tanks and other gear.
  • Decks are covered with a durable, UV resistant nylon pile carpet detailed to compliment the drawer.
  • Custom fitted to replace the rear seat or seats while following the contours of the vehicle for a clean installation.
  • Decks mount to the existing bolt holes of the rear seats when seats have been removed.
  • 4 Additional holes need to be drilled in the foot well to secure the front mounting brackets to the floor.
  • The back of the decks fasten to a channel in the SUV Asymmetric Drawers / Medium and sit +/- 280mm lower than the drawer deck.
  • A Water Tank With Mounting System / 42L can be fitted over the 2 decks and secured to the drawer system with the supplied bracket.
  • A bracket is also included to fit a Surgeflow Compact Water System Pump / 12.5l/3.3USG Per Min to the rear of the drawer system which gets coupled to the water tank for easy water usage.
  • All installation hardware and fitting instructions are included.

Consists of:
2 x Side Decks (1 x Left Hand side & 1 x Right Hand side)
2 x Drawer Rear Face Plates (1 x Left Hand side & 1 x Right Hand side)
4 x Floor Mount Brackets
1 x Drawer Mount Water Pump Bracket
1 x 45l Water Tank Mounting Brackets
Installation Hardware
Fitting Instructions

Materials used:
Black powder coating mild steel
Laminated plywood
Nylon UV resistant carpet

Product Dimensions:
1070mm (42.1") L x 1410mm (55.5") W x 431mm (17") H

10.2kg (22lbs)

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