HM4X4 +80mm Step 3 Suspension Lift Kit for Suzuki Jimny (2018+)

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HM4X4 is a highly respected Italian manufacturer of aftermarket components for off-road driving and racing.

HM4X4 +80mm Step 3 Suspension Lift Kit for Suzuki Jimny (2018+)

Please note: please select whether your Jimny is LHD (left-hand drive) or RHD (right-hand drive) when ordering. While this kit is supplied for LHD by default, RHD-specific components can be manufactured to ensure compatibility.

Kit Components:

2x Front Shock Absorbers
2x Rear Shock Absorbers
2x Front Springs
2x Rear Springs
2x Adjustable Panhard Rods
4x Extended Braided Brake Lines
1x Headlight Alignment Bracket (for Jimnys with LED headlights)
2x Front Suspension Bump Stops
2x Rear Suspension Bump Stops
2x Front Radius Arms
2x Rear Radius Arms
8x Radius Arm Polyurethane Bushes
1x Front Prop Shaft Spacer
1x Rear Prop Shaft Spacer
1x Front Panhard Relocation Bracket
1x Rear Panhard Relocation Bracket

HM4X4 shock absorbers are manufactured in Italy using internally lapped steel tubes that are phosphated and finished with an epoxy coating to prevent corrosion.

Each HM4X4 shock absorber has an internal bump stop resistant to loads up to 5000kg, with an external polyurethane bump stop installed to slow down the final 10mm of travel in order to prevent damage to the vehicle.

Rothen high viscosity shock absorber oil is used, which is suitable for use in conditions up to 200°C.

This kit consists of springs manufactured in Italy using high quality steel.

These springs utilise progressive spring rates and are of a variable pitch design. The springs are soft and compliant until they are compressed, at which point they will stiffen progressively the more they are compressed. This helps to provide a more comfortable ride while also reducing body roll when cornering.

Please choose the required front and rear spring specifications that best suit your requirements.

Front Springs:

Without Winch - designed for cars with regular weight front bumpers that are not equipped with a winch.

With Winch - designed for cars with heavy-duty front bumpers and/or a winch installed (>20kg weight increase on the front axle).


Rear Springs:

Standard - offers great all-round performance, suitable for both on and off-road driving.

Soft - offers superior off-road performance, suitable for cars not carrying heavy loads or towing a trailer (the rear ride height will lower significantly if heavy items are loaded).

Reinforced - specifically designed for those who wish to carry very heavy loads and/or are towing a trailer.


For the attention of EU customers only: this product originates in the EU and therefore complies with the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement. This product will be exempt from tariffs or quotas when being sent to an EU member state shipping address.

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